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About the DISH ViP 922 HD/DVR

The DISH Network VIP 922 is the most sophisticated satellite TV receiver ever created.  This award winning receiver supports viewing on one television.  Enjoy fantastic HD/DVR capabilities, with viewing up to 1080p and 1 Terabyte of recording space.  You won't find a satellite or cable TV receiver anywhere with that much recording space!  The receiver's dual tuner functionality allows you to record two shows at one time, and you can even watch a third pre-recorded show from DISH Network while recording two more.  

Best yet, the 922 receiver has DISH Network's innovative TV Anywhere technology built straight into the box.  Known more commonly as Slingbox, this feature allows you stream your own live TV or DVR shows directly to your computer or mobile device for viewing anywhere, anytime!  Blockbuster @Home functionality is also built straight into the box, along with a host of other features you just can't find anywhere else.  

Learn more with the DISH 922 Product Guide.

DISH ViP 922

DISH 922 ViP HD/DVR Prices

DISH Network 922 with TV

Are you a new DISH Network customer?  Qualified new DISH Network customers can receive the Dish ViP 922 HD/DVR at a highly discounted price of $199.  This price is $400 off of the MSRP for this receiver!  You can't get access to such a feature filled satellite TV receiver for anywhere near this price!

Simply give us a call (check the phone number at the top of this page) and let your agent know that you want the ViP 922 HD/DVR.  They'll be happy to complete your order and get you quick installation - sometimes in as quick as one day!

Existing DISH Network customers may also receive the DISH 922 receiver for as low as $199.  Please call the phone number listed on your DISH Network bill for dedicated existing customer pricing.  You may even qualify for new existing customer promotions!

DISH Network Features Compatible with ViP 922

The DISH Network VIP 922 HD/DVR is compatible with the following features.

TV Anywhere Checkmark -white
Video On Demand checkmark-gray
DISH Remote Access Checkmark -white
Blockbuster @ Home checkmark-gray
Google TV
DISH DVR checkmark-gray
DISH HD Checkmark -white
DISH 3D checkmark-gray
External Hard Drive Checkmark -white
DISH Home Interactive checkmark-gray