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5G Network Automation Is Key For DISH Wireless

5G automation graphic for DISH Wireless

The use of automation has already taken many technologies to great levels and in the world of 5G, it is posed to do the same. 5G networks are great at bolstering automation but also rely on automation to unleash everything they are capable of.

DISH Wireless understands the need for 5G network automation to create a wireless experience unlike any other network in America. By using automation in operations such as network management and configuration, users will experience a faster, 5G network. DISH Wireless is once again proving how it continues to move forward in the world of 5G for a superior, innovative network for subscribers.

By enlisting other industry leaders as vendors on its cloud-native standalone (SA) 5G network and using an O-RAN compliant approach, DISH Wireless will not only perform richer automation tasks but be capable of bringing them to market faster than the competition. These autonomous functions will also play a big part in how DISH Wireless will provide autonomy through various solutions to the commercial sector. Over time, these autonomous features will affect our lives in a range of industries all while providing the everyday consumer with not only a better way to communicate but revolutionizing how that user communicates altogether.

5G is Moving Forward Thanks to Innovation and Automation

The simple reason as to why automation is so important within a 5G network is that 5G networks will be required to handle a lot of different functions. A lot more than previous generations and a lot more than one might consider at the surface. Let’s explore this further.

First and foremost, tons of functions will need to be performed across DISH Wireless’ 5G network and many of them will benefit both consumer and commercial markets. Automation allows DISH Network the ability to serve customers better by allowing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to handle functions that keep the network going.

Secondly, through automation, specific functions including things like network slicing will not be possible. The importance of network slicing is that by allowing end-to-end networks to use a specific portion of a 5G network, DISH Wireless will be capable of creating customizable solutions for subscribers needing their network away from other traffic. DISH Network will even be presenting this option to subscribers through dynamic pricing which allows users to purchase spectrum in real-time at market value, an operation that could not be fulfilled without automation.

The third major reason automation is being used by DISH Wireless is so that its 5G network can continue to foster an O-RAN compliant approach that is fueled by innovation. Being a member of the O-RAN Alliance, DISH Wireless is in a prime position to find and use new, innovative approaches and solutions throughout its wireless network and for the wireless industry as a whole. The O-RAN Alliance fosters a place of innovation and collaboration between many different wireless companies and automation allows these different entities to focus more on the task at hand while remaining compatible than worrying about compatibility and routine things needed to empower 5G networks.

Lastly, though certainly not least, automation will help DISH Wireless keep its 5G network running smoother for all users. Network crashes and routine maintenance are a part of wireless communication, but that doesn’t mean they are ever welcomed. There is no worse feeling than the frustration and at times helplessness one may feel should service become unavailable. Through automation, routine tasks on a cloud-native 5G network can help keep networks running strong and fix problems that may arise without major disruptions. This includes harder-to-reach markets thanks to DISH Wireless combining its autonomous nature with a software-based approach.

Autonomy is improving 5G just as 5G is improving our ability to automate things. The more that 5G takes on, the more it will rely on automation and it will also improve the way we experience automation in our lives. Let’s take a closer look at the many ways automation will improve our lives.

DISH Wireless Will Use Automation For a Better 5G Network

There are many different applications that DISH Wireless is looking to use automation as a means of support. This is to enrich the experience for users across the 5G network as well as those who purchase spectrum for their own end-to-end network through network slicing. Both for public and private networks, take a look at the many ways DISH Wireless is using automation to provide value to its subscribers:

Autonomous FunctionHow it Benefits DISH Wireless Subscribers
Network Management
  • Through automation, DISH Wireless can handle disruptions and maintenance without harming the user experience.
  • DISH’s 5G network will experience better configuration assisting with organization and a smoother experience for users as new features are released.
Faster 5G Speeds
  • Automation will help support faster download and upload speeds in both cellular service and fixed wireless networks.
Custom Network Solutions
  • Network slicing will rely on automation to succeed. This means more custom networks specific to the task at hand providing a better user experience and better results for the operator.
Greater IoT Functionality
  • The Internet of Things or IoT will see a faster explosion due to increased management.
  • Custom solutions will lead to a greater range of IoT functions and services.
Quicker Market Solutions
  • Due to the autonomy seen in network management, DISH subscribers will see market solutions available sooner while automation uses AI and machine learning to handle smaller tasks.

These benefits of automation are at the core of what DISH Wireless is aiming to provide users across America. There are specific markets and industries DISH Wireless has already set its sights on to enhance using its 5G capabilities.

Automation Will Propel The 5G Network of DISH Wireless Across Many Industries

We’ve seen how automation will help DISH Wireless create an advanced 5G network, but where will these benefits show up in our everyday lives? There are many industries that DISH Wireless is aiming to improve through various 5G solutions. Everything from the way companies manufacture products in factories to how fast we enjoy Netflix and things that are not yet available are all coming thanks to the innovative minds of DISH Wireless and its vendors:

  • Smart cities and autonomous vehicles are two dedicated focuses of DISH Wireless that will rely on automation to function. The not-so-distant future is one with safer roads, less traffic, improved logistics to help emergency service response times, interactive cities using augmented reality (AR) to assist in navigation and services, and much more. Traffic lights communicating with self-driving cars and humans capable of navigating futuristic cityscapes with ease are but a few of the examples DISH Wireless is working towards developing through 5G and fixed wireless.
  • Productivity gets a boost through automatic functions and production thanks to smart manufacturing. Using the IoT, businesses can create more with minimal effort and even less or no input from human capital.
  • Custom networks will support a range of other advanced custom solutions in private fixed wireless networks including improved latency issues for advanced virtual healthcare, greater logistics in retail, improved methods for in-person and online learning for educational institutions, and much more.

The more DISH Wireless continues to automate, the faster we will see results, and the faster its 5G network will perform. There are many exciting solutions on the horizon and even more that will come about as innovation and automation continue to flourish.

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