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Network Slicing Will Elevate DISH Wireless

5G network slicing vector

Wireless providers must balance how their network is distributed across their networks. While millions of users may be interested in using their smartphones to connect with others on social media, laugh at funny videos, or text their friends and family, other users rely on the same wireless network to run complex programs, power their business, and store vital information securely. There are a million different reasons that people use networks and many users find themselves needing specific, unique uses for a wireless network without compromise due to traffic.

The consumer side of 5G working to connect to a wireless provider and the commercial side, companies looking for faster solutions to run their business, are two sides to the same coin. More specifically, the typical wireless coverage you are used to on your personal devices, and the access you can gain through fixed wireless is the same. 5G will power things like never before and even private homes will see network solutions come to fruition. 5G is ready to power fixed wireless networks to do everything from run factories that use the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate production and even elevate your online gaming experience behind the means of current WiFi.

Balancing these different functions and coming up with viable solutions is not easy but DISH Wireless is using an innovative technique known as network slicing to help provide a better wireless experience across its cloud-native standalone (SA) 5G network. We’re going to break down what network slicing is and how DISH Wireless will use it to create a superior 5G network for its subscribers.

What is Network Slicing?

Network slicing is the technique of virtually isolating a network end-to-end that is customized and allocated to a specific function. These independent networks still exist within the same physical infrastructure of a wireless network and have varying applications. Some of those applications include:

  • Powering automation and the IoT in a factory, city infrastructure, or smart home devices.
  • Autonomous transportation.
  • Privatized networks for companies needing a powerful connection for a specific task.

The wireless provider leases each slice of its network to what are known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and allows them to occupy the same infrastructure to gain access for their communication needs. This presents an opportunity for the provider to gain additional revenue from its catalog of spectrum, the MVNO to gain the connection it requires, and it allows for a network that is designed for a specific function instead of hindering a network cluttered with traffic for a variety of uses. DISH Wireless will use network slicing in a variety of innovative ways and combined with its cloud-native, software-based approach, users can expect an even smoother, personalized network when leasing a slice.

How is DISH Wireless Planning to Use Network Slicing in 5G?

The approach of using the same network to cover a variety of needs is no longer. Network slicing replaces the thought process and execution of previous wireless generations and propels them into customizable, cutting edge wireless solutions thanks to 5G. DISH Wireless is using network slicing like no other 5G provider and will cover many markets with solutions never before available.

Powerful Fixed Wireless Networks in Urban and Rural Markets

Accessibility is a problem for millions of Americans when it comes to fast, reliable Internet. Not anymore, as DISH Wireless will use network slicing to provide homes and businesses alike fixed wireless solutions that will reach download speeds capable of outpacing fiber connections today. These powerful fixed wireless networks will also help power places such as smart venues, transportation, and a variety of services within urban centers.

Dynamic Pricing Will Give Accurate Prices for Subscribers

The use of dynamic pricing, a flexible pricing model that sets pricing based on the demand for spectrum in real-time, will help those looking to become MVNOs and purchase a customized end-to-end 5G network know an accurate cost when purchasing from DISH Wireless. Continuing its efforts of collaboration, DISH Wireless is working with Matrixx Software to bring this feature to its 5G network.

Improved Security and Maintenance Capabilities

Security threats and wireless solutions have a major feature in common, they are always growing. Luckily, DISH Wireless is prepared to offer customized cybersecurity solutions through network slicing to its users. Businesses and consumers alike will also enjoy less interruption and better connectivity as upgrades or maintenance rollout across DISH Wireless’ 5G network.

Network Slicing Helps Further Innovative Solutions in Wireless

The possibilities within the wireless sector will be expanded upon and customized solutions are being developed by DISH Wireless to better serve its subscribers. DISH Wireless already has several growing, notable sectors it is interested in providing network slices to including autonomous vehicles, education, healthcare, precision agriculture, renewable energy, retail, smart cities, and smart manufacturing

There Will be More Opportunities in the MVNO Space

The MVNO space will find itself growing as more and more companies take on network slices. More traditional MVNOs, such as Boost Mobile or Xfinity Mobile, may also come to life within niche markets and particular regions. With DISH taking its first major step into wireless through acquiring Boost Mobile, it is an interesting prospect to watch how it will expand its brand and compete against others in the prepaid wireless marketplace.

These are a few of the ways network slicing is preparing to take over the way we receive wireless and improve how it works in our lives. To make this a reality, DISH Wireless is partnering with a variety of industry professionals who are leading the way in network slicing including the previously mentioned Matrixx Software and Nokia, who can provide end-to-end network slicing solutions.

Who Will Benefit From Network Slicing?

The simplified answer is everyone. Network slicing will improve the way everyone interacts and communicates in the world. The reason for this is because with the influx of 5G networks comes an increase in what is possible. Through cellular networks and fixed wireless alike, DISH Wireless continues to find opportunities to provide innovative solutions with its collaborative approach. 

Consumers will benefit from increased services, faster downloads, greater communication options when at home and in public, and plenty of other functions that have yet to be discovered. Businesses and other organizations benefit through accurate pricing for network slices, customized networks that meet the needs of their business, increased automation which lowers costs and improves productivity, increased security, easier, faster network maintenance, and so much more. DISH Wireless is building a 5G network like no other with network slicing yet another innovative feature to enhance the user experience.

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