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How Much Does DISH’s Satellite Internet Cost?

The cost of satellite internet varies greatly based on the speed and package a consumer chooses and a reasonable range to expect is anywhere from $40/month to $200/month, with an average running about $100/month. Through GoDISH, DISH customers can bundle their DISH network cable packages with satellite internet from HughesNet and Viasat- both of which […]

What Is DISH Doing With All That Spectrum?

DISH Network getting involved in the wireless industry is not as far fetched in 2020 as it has been in the past. The satellite giant is poised to become the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States after the Sprint and T-Mobile merger is finalized. DISH is not waiting until then to begin getting […]

Can DISH Actually Become A Competitor In The Wireless Space?

The last few months of new coverage surrounding the Sprint and T-Mobile merger have talked about how DISH will become the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the United States virtually overnight, but will the satellite company actually be able to compete in that landscape? Let’s take a closer look at what looks to be an uphill […]

Could A Merger Between DISH Network and DirecTV Happen?

Cord-cutting started as a trend, but at this point is more akin to a movement than anything else. The proliferation of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more have replaced the traditional cable package for the majority of Americans. As a result, those more traditional broadcasting companies are looking for innovative ways to stay […]

What is Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) & Why is T-Mobile Worried About It?

The telecom world is abuzz with news and rumours surrounding the new 5G network. Most Americans have at least heard the term “5G” even though many still can’t articulate what exactly 5G does. What many people have not heard of is “DSS”, which is unfortunate because DSS is an integral step that telecom providers must […]

Can DISH Network Back Up Their Cost Saving Claims?

DISH Network has long been known as the premier satellite-television and internet provider in the United States. The rise of cord-cutting forced the company to pivot into other revenue sources. For a long time, many hoped that the creation of DISH’s own streaming solution, Sling TV, would be enough to keep the company profitable. Unfortunately, […]

Why Did DISH Just File A Patent For An Anti-Piracy System?

DISH Network recently made headlines for a patent they filed for a blockchain-based-anti-piracy system. The system is designed to combat one of the most sensitive problem spots that the company has been facing regarding their online streaming services. While the technology has not yet been implemented, it could be a big step forward for streaming […]

Is 5G Safe?

If you’re at all interested in the wireless space, chances are you have been reading quite a lot about 5G over the last year or two. T-Mobile has already launched their nationwide 5G network, and many other carriers are close on their heels. Now that 5G is starting to actually arrive, an increasing number of […]

How Will 5G Affect Gaming?

It’s hard to avoid the phrase “5G” these days, particularly if you’re a gamer. The upcoming wireless network has promised to transform the gaming industry, the wireless industry and the broadcasting industry all at once. So how much of this is hype and how much is real? How will 5G affect gaming? Let’s take a […]

Is Altitude TV Still Not On DISH Network?

DISH Network is a company that is known for many things, most recently however they’ve been getting press that the company is not as happy about. DISH is quickly becoming known as a tough negotiator with carriers, which is leading to consistent blackouts with various channels as contract negotiations continue on. The longest lasting of […]