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DISH Has Interest in 12 GHz Spectrum Band

In 2003, the FCC designed the rules that would affect direct broadcast satellite service (DBS) but with more and more organizations speaking out, DISH and others are looking to the commission to reevaluate the way the 12 GHz band is regulated. […]

DISH Reaches Deals With Fujitsu and Altiostar

Using partners with the experience that Fujitsu and Altiostar bring will help DISH in several ways including both expansion execution and saving on costs. […]

Houston Area Deals for Frontline and Healthcare Workers

Businesses big and small are giving back to the heroes on the frontlines combating the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the latest places you can get a deal around the Houston metro area. “We are all in this together.” Words that in some form or another, you have probably heard around a million times over the […]

Sling TV Launches Free News

DISH Network’s streaming service Sling TV rolled out a new service called the “Stay in & SLING”initiative. This service is a direct response by the company to the COVID-19 outbreak and is designed to keep people informed as much as possible. The Stay in & SLING initiative includes a free tier of Sling TV service […]

Verizon Launches Cross-Screen Planning Tool

Verizon Media recently announced that they are launching a new tool that they’re calling the “Cross-Screen Planner”. This tool is designed to help marketers reach viewers through both traditional and internet-connected televisions while avoiding over serving one ad to the same customer. This new tool uses Nielsen Smart TV Viewership Data to find out what […]

DISH & AMC Lock In A New Deal

AMC Networks announced that they have signed a long-term distribution with DISH Network and Sling TV. This is great for both companies, particularly since DISH is notorious for having contract disagreements that lead to channel blackouts. A long-term contract with AMC means that DISH’s customers can rest easy knowing that all of AMC Networks’ linear […]

DISH’s $10 Billion 5G Buildout May Not Be Enough

Now that a federal judge has given the T-Mobile and Sprint merger the go ahead, it looks like DISH Network is set to become the fourth major wireless carrier in the United States. This is a big change for DISH, particularly because the company does not yet have its own 5G wireless network. To be […]

Hulu Takes The Live-Streaming Crown

DISH Network got in on the streaming revolution early with their 2015 release of Sling TV, DISH’s own streaming service. Despite the continued growth of the space, with companies like Sony throwing their hats into the ring, Sling TV maintained the most subscribers for a live-streaming service for years. That reign has finally come to […]

Carriers Support FCC’s C-Band Plan

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai recently proposed that the C-band spectrum be cleared and put up for public auction. That proposal has garnered a significant amount of pushback from several senators and public interest groups. However, major telecom carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all come forward to express their support […]

DISH Network & Apollo Remain Locked In A Contract Dispute

DISH Network finds itself locked in yet another contract dispute that’s resulted in a blackout for many of their customers. This time DISH Network and Apollo Global Management are the two companies that failed to reach a deal. Customers in Washington, Idaho and the Tri-Cities have all been affected by this blackout in different ways. […]