DISH Network Sees A Much-Needed Jump In Shares

DISH Network has been making a lot of news lately for their massive spectrum holdings and the upcoming 2020 deadline set by the SEC for DISH to utilize them. This week, however, DISH is making headlines for an entirely different reason. DISH Network just released their latest profit reports, and they’re significantly better than the […]

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Google Assistant Comes To DISH Network

The internet of things has found its way into most homes around the country in some form or another. From thermostats, to door bells, coffee makers and lightbulbs, many people have introduced some sort of smart functionality into their homes. Which is why it’s so exciting to see DISH Network introduce Google Assistant support. Now […]

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DISH Has A Successful Trial Of “Next Gen” Broadcast Standard in Spectrum Co.’s Dallas SFN Project

DISH Network is finally making big strides towards using the massive amount of spectrum holdings that they have been accumulating over the past few years. The company just successfully tested the transmission and reception of the new broadcast ATSC 3.0 standard as part of the Spectrum Consortium, LLC’s (Spectrum Co.’s) “Next Gen” deployment project in […]

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If you are unfamiliar, is an app for making and sharing personal music videos—think lip syncing. The app has taken off amongst the younger population and continues to experience rapid growth as it becomes more mainstream. Bloomberg reports that in an effort to continue that growth, is talking with Viacom and Comcast’s NBCUniversal […]

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