DISH Latino Package Subscribers Get Credit During Univision Dispute

If you have been paying attention to DISH Network in the news lately, then chances are you have heard about their ongoing dispute with the spanish-broadcasting network Univision. Since the two companies have been locked in a fee dispute, DISH customers have been unable to access any Univision content since June 30, 2018. This has been a great source of consternation for many DISH customers who are still paying for access to that content. DISH has acknowledged that this is a major inconvenience for their customers, particularly those who pay for packages like DISH Latino. While DISH is understanding, they are not willing to acquiesce, and allow Univision to get their way. In an effort to extend an olive branch to their latino customers, DISH has announced that they will offer their DISH Latino customers a $5 monthly credit, starting on August 1. Predictably, both DISH and Univision had a lot to say about this move. Erik Carlson, Dish president and CEO, spoke with Broadcasting Cable, saying that While we’ve been available, responsive and have made a best effort to negotiate, Univision appears to be forcing an impasse…We strongly believe that, in light of Univision’s departure from the negotiation table and from the Dish lineup, it’s the right thing to offer a credit to our DishLatino and Sling Latino customers.”. A Univision spokesperson said that “Given that our networks account for 60% of Spanish-language viewing on DishLatino, their $5 refund is yet another example of Dish drastically undervaluing Univision and Spanish-language programming, as well as disregarding why Latino viewers have paid Dish for its services. As such, we remind our valued viewers who subscribe to Dish services that our services are available on many other platforms. We recommend that they choose the brands that support the Hispanic community,”. Clearly, neither company is showing signs of giving in. Eventually, this fee issue will be resolved, but whether that resolution will include Univision content on DISH services remains to be seen. For now, if you are a DISH Latino subscriber, at least you have a bit of credit to look forward to. Sources:

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