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Meet the DISH Network Hopper DVR Family

The Hopper DVR from DISH Network.

Having the right DVR can make or break your entertainment experience these days. We are accustomed to watching what we want, when we want, where we want, and how we want, so, having the optimal DVR service to assist in recording and viewing your favorite programs is essential. DISH customers are able to access industry-leading features and capabilities through the various DVR offerings known as The Hopper. Simply put, subscribers who use The Hopper get more out of their television experience and their DVR. Learn more about how the DISH Network Hopper DVR helps viewers catch their favorite shows, including live TV, no matter how they choose to view it.

The DISH Network Hopper DVR Brings Features to Your Featured Presentations

Life happens. There are times in which your favorite show is on, a major live event, or a movie you don’t want to miss, but you’re stuck in traffic, you have to fulfill an obligation, and so on. The Hopper family presents a multitude of state-of-the-art technology and features that make them the best in the industry. These are some of the highlighted features you receive when you subscribe to DISH with The Hopper:

  • Control more with your voice. The Hopper makes finding your favorite shows easier than ever with a Voice Remote that can search through live programming, On Demand, your recordings, and even Netflix if you have a subscription. But that’s not all, you can even control The Hopper DVR system using Hands-Free TV™, an industry first that can connect your television experience with Amazon Alexa for voice control like no other.
  • Centralize your apps and your entertainment. It feels like every day there’s a new app or streaming service to worry about, but with DISH, you can consolidate many of your favorites using The Hopper. This includes Netflix, Prime Video, Pandora, The Weather Channel, Game Finder, and more. You can even manage your DISH account from your DVR.
  • Record more of the shows you love without interruption. In homes with multiple users and during primetime hours when there can be multiple programs you wish to record, DVRs can come up short as many only allow a certain amount of recordings to occur simultaneously. With The Hopper, you can record and watch up to 16 shows at once across multiple televisions.
  • Store more content with The Hopper. Having your shows handy is a great feeling until you run out of storage and find that your DVR has erased and replaced episodes or movies you haven’t gotten to yet. Capable of storing 500 GB of HD programming to the tune of 2 TB of storage, this is a DVR that saves more of the content you love, effortlessly.
  • Watch more shows in stunning 4K Ultra HD. DISH subscribers can get access to stunning resolution with 4K Ultra HD footage straight to your home. You can catch more games at once with the MultiView function that allows 4 HD games to be broadcasted on a single screen.
  • View your favorite shows and recordings on-the-go. Using the DISH Anywhere app, subscribers have an easy to use interface that grants them access to both live and recorded content wherever they can connect to the Internet. View your shows as you see fit through your favorite devices including your tablet, phone, or laptop.

Get to Know The DISH Hopper DVR Family

DISH offers a variety of DVR devices under The Hopper brand. Depending on your entertainment needs, DISH subscribers can choose from a range of services that will enhance the way they experience their favorite shows and movies.

Hopper 3

The Hopper 3 is the ultimate DVR not only from DISH but in the industry. It allows you to record and watch 16 shows at the same time, enjoy 4K television and the most built-in apps, possess 2 TB of storage (500 hours of HD recordings), support 7 televisions, and work with DISH Anywhere to watch live or recorded shows wherever you are. Misplaced your remote? Not a problem with The Hopper 3, simply click your DVR and your remote will begin to beep for easy location. The Hopper 3 is the epitome of what a DVR service should be and continues to push the boundaries of what consumers should expect with innovative ideas such as Primetime Anytime, Voice Remote, and Hands-Free TV™ which connects your DVR to Amazon Alexa.

Hopper with Sling

The Hopper with Sling brings many of the things customers know and love about the Hopper 3 but simplifies things for those who may not need all of the bells and whistles. You still have full access to 2 TB of storage, DISH Anywhere, Voice Remote, and Hands-Free TV™. This option is perfect for homes with a smaller amount of televisions as it supports only 4 and allows you to record and watch live up to 3 shows at once. Many of the same apps you love also come built-in with your Hopper with Sling.


The Hopper is a step below The Hopper with Sling but is fairly identical. It doesn’t, however, offer the ability to watch live or recorded television on DISH Anywhere, nor does it come with built-in apps. Still with Primetime Anytime, 2 TB of storage, and most of the other features from the Hopper with Sling, this is a no-frills way to gain an easy-to-use DVR that cuts back on features but never on quality.

Hopper Duo

On Demand offerings, Netflix capability, record multiple shows at the same time, and the support for two televisions; the Hopper Duo is an affordable DVR service for those looking to cut costs but still elevate their experience. With 500 GB of storage, you can keep tons of your favorite shows and movies on hand for less.


Not interested in DVR services but still want access to a library filled with tons of content? Wally is the perfect receiver for your home. There are no monthly fees but it also doesn’t record television, unless you connect Wally to an external hard drive. You can, however, access DISH’s amazing On Demand library and connect to Netflix. Your Wally will only support one television, so it is best suited for homes that do not demand larger entertainment packages or focus their entertainment in one room.

FeaturesHopper 3Hopper with SlingHopperHopper DuoWally
Number of Shows you can Watch/Record at Once.164421 with an external hard drive
TVs Supported74421
Recording Storage2 TB2 TB2 TB500 GBN/A
Monthly DVR Fee$15$15$15$10N/A
Receiver Fee for First TVN/AN/AN/AN/A$7
Receiver Fee for Joey on Second TV$7$7$7$7N/A
Watch Live/Recorded Shows on DISH AnywhereN/AN/AN/A
Watch On Demand on DISH Anywhere
Amazon PrimeN/AN/AN/AN/A
YouTube KidsN/AN/AN/A
PrimeTime AnywhereN/AN/A
BluetoothYes (w/ adapter)Yes (w/ adapter)
Internal WiFiN/AN/A

Introducing The DISH Network Joeys

The Hopper family of DVR services are marvelous pieces of technology with many benefits we have mentioned, but they work best when accompanied by their “children”, The Joeys. Joeys are additional receivers that optimize your DVR experience. No longer will families be divided one what shows to watch, record, or how the television should be viewed as a whole. Joeys allow additional rooms to work with The Hopper to bring the same top-of-the-line experience you experience through your main TV with any other television in your home. Perfect for rooms such as the kitchen or even your patio, you can access your favorite features with The Joey to bring your entertainment to life no matter where you are in your home. Check out these features and benefits that The Joey can bring to your home’s entertainment experience today:


The most basic entry into the Joey family, you can take control of your television in new and exciting ways by adding a Joey to access The Hopper in any room you desire.

Wireless Joey

Everything Joey can bring to the table, but without the need for a wired connection. Your Wireless Joey can connect effortlessly from any room in your home.

4K Joey

Ready to catch your next program like never before? The 4K Joey is capable of bringing 4K resolution throughout your home and can even connect to other devices via Bluetooth.

Super Joey

The most intuitive receiver to assist the Hopper DVR available. Your Super Joey will even come with Built-In Tuners that will help you record and watch more shows at a time with the ability to send recorded and live shows to various receivers throughout the home.

FeaturesJoeyWireless Joey4K JoeySuper Joey
Monthly Fee$7$7$7$10
Built-In TunersN/AN/AN/A
Wireless Connectivity to HopperN/AN/AN/A

How Do You Get Music on DISH Network?

You can access your favorite music from DISH Network through either the DISH Music channels or the DISH Music App. DISH offers 58 music channels starting at 923 through 981- channel availability will depend on your DISH package. The DISH Music App provides a seamless way to play all of the latest tunes, or throwback hits through your DISH Network Hopper DVR and Joey via your phone. Simply download the app to your device and sync to your TV! With the DISH Music app, you can sync all of your TVs to play the same song or play different songs in each room- whatever you choose. DISH customers can play music through these top services:

  • Amazon Music
  • iHeart Radio
  • Pandora
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Napster

DISH customers can further amplify their music-listening experience by pairing DISH Music with DTS Play-Fi enabled speakers. The DISH Music app is available for download in the Amazon App Marketplace, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

Can I Use My Alexa With DISH Network Hopper?

Yes, you absolutely can easily connect your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap with any internet-connected Hopper or Wally systems for a Hands-Free TV experience. Connecting your Alexa device with your DISH receiver will allow you to control your TV using just your voice! You can simply say things like, “Alexa, go to Channel 200” or “Alexa, show me Chris Evans movies” to avoid endless clicking on a remote and enjoy a more innovative TV experience.

Does DISH Hopper Have Google Assistant?

Yes, The Google Assistant is available through any internet-connected DISH Network Hopper DVRs, Hopper Duo, Joey, or Wally receiver as long as you have a DISH Voice Remote or Google Home device synced with your DISH receiver. When you pair your Google Assistant with your DISH TV, you can effortlessly search for shows, change the channel, ask questions, and manage your smart-home devices using just your voice!

Upgrade Your Television Experience With The DISH Network Hopper DVR System

It’s clear that The DISH Network Hopper DVR service brings everything you know and love about DVR services and more to the forefront of your entertainment needs. When combined with The Joey, your entire home, and anywhere you see fit with DISH Anywhere, is the perfect place to enjoy shows, movies, sports, live events, and more in eye-popping 4K Ultra HD. GoDISH prides itself on helping customers find the right television packages for their needs for budget and lifestyle. GoDISH subscribers can pick the perfect channel packages that focus on the content they enjoy and can even be bundled with some of the country’s leading internet service providers. Coupled with the best Hopper and Joey subscriptions, DISH subscribers can elevate their TV viewing experience to the next level.  Contact GoDISH and increase your entertainment pleasure today.

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