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How Much Does DISH’s Satellite Internet Cost?

The cost of satellite internet varies greatly based on the speed and package a consumer chooses and a reasonable range to expect is anywhere from $40/month to $200/month, with an average running about $100/month. Through GoDISH, DISH customers can bundle their DISH network cable packages with satellite internet from HughesNet and Viasat- both of which have availability nationwide, including many rural areas where cable might be harder to access. In addition to these two satellite internet providers, DISH offers a partnership with Wahoo Internet who offers fixed-internet services that are also available in underserved rural areas. Below we have broken down the monthly satellite internet cost of various plans by these 3 providers.

HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet has been providing satellite Internet to homes across the country since the ‘90s and is regarded as one of the most reliable options within the industry. Boasting signal reliability of 99.99%, HughesNet offers a variety of Internet plans that all contain the same download speeds, 25 Mbps, but fluctuate on the amount of monthly data you are allowed to download each month. It is important to note that satellite Internet connections can see some connectivity issues during rain or if your line of sight is being obstructed, but again, HughesNet has a track record of being there for its subscribers despite outside factors. HughesNet prices may also vary from market to market. Take a closer look at what this titan of the satellite Internet industry has to offer your home.

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of DevicesMonthly Data 
HughesNet 1025 Mbps*Prices begin at $49.99 depending on areaSatelliteLight Internet users1-310 GB 
HughesNet 20 25 Mbps*Prices begin at $59.99 depending on areaSatelliteLight Internet users3-520 GB
HughesNet 3025 Mbps*Prices begin at $89.99 depending on areaSatelliteLight to Moderate users with multiple devices5-630 GB
HughesNet 50 25 Mbps*Prices begin at $139.99 depending on areaSatelliteModerate users with multiple devices 7-850 GB
*Prices accurate as of 6/25/2020

Viasat Satellite Internet

With over half a million subscribers, Viasat delivers satellite Internet solutions throughout the United States with a decent variety of plans for you to choose from. Viasat is the perfect solution for DISH customers looking to bundle their home’s television services with a fast, reliable Internet connection. If you are in an underserved market, no longer does your home need to suffer from being disconnected to the world wide web. Viasat works like any other satellite Internet provider with a proven track record of success within its field. Of course, Viasat works best when the weather isn’t a factor, and obstruction can hinder your signal, still, Viasat continues to provide its subscribers with a signal they can count on when they need it most. Check out Viasat’s robust Internet offerings below.

Plan Peak Download SpeedsMonthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of PeopleMonthly Data 
Unlimited Basic 1212 Mbps$40.00SatelliteLight1-215 GB
Unlimited Bronze 1212 Mbps*Starts at $70.00/mo. depending on locationSatelliteLight Internet users1-235-40 GB/mo. depending on location
Unlimited Silver 1212 Mbps$150.00SatelliteLight Internet users1-345 GB
Unlimited Gold 1212 Mbps$200.00SatelliteLight Internet users1-465 GB 
Unlimited Silver 2525 Mbps$100.00SatelliteModerate users with multiple devices1-360 GB
Unlimited Gold 3030 Mbps$150.00SatelliteModerate users with multiple devices1-4100 GB
Unlimited Gold 5050 Mbps$150.00SatelliteModerate uses with multiple devices1-4100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100100 Mbps$200.00SatelliteModerate to heavy users with a variety of devices1-5+150 GB 
*Prices accurate as of 6/25/2020

Wahoo Internet Fixed Wireless Internet

One of the most unique options for people seeking fast, reliable Internet solutions, particularly in rural markets, is Wahoo Internet. Unlike satellite Internet, Wahoo Internet delivers its services via fixed wireless. This means that if you can catch a signal on your cell phone, you can stay connected to Wahoo Internet. It also means that your Internet connection’s signal travels a much shorter distance and has a far reduced level of latency making Wahoo Internet a great choice for gaming, streaming, and any other Internet activity that requires quick response times. Fixed wireless connections can suffer from weather or obstruction, so subscribers should be aware; however, Wahoo Internet remains a reliable option despite these obstacles. Wahoo Internet only has one plan, but what it lacks in options it more than makes up for in reliability. If staying connected is important to you and you live in an underserved market, Wahoo Internet may be the perfect solution for your home.

Plan Peak Download SpeedsInternet Monthly PriceConnection Type Type of User # of DevicesMonthly Data 
Unlimited Wireless Internet Plan150 Mbps$99.99Fixed WirelessModerate uses with multiple devices1-3Unlimited
*Prices accurate as of 6/25/2020

How to Bundle Your DISH Television Services with Satellite Internet

Here at GoDish, our expert team is prepared to connect your home to the best in satellite television programming and can help you find the appropriate avenue for bundling your DISH services with top-quality Internet. We work with Wahoo Internet, HughesNet, and Viasat to ensure that customers can be completely satisfied with their home’s telecommunication services.

Ready to bundle your services?

Contact us and see how GoDish can help you save money, time, and hassle when you work with us and our various partners today.

2 thoughts on “How Much Does DISH’s Satellite Internet Cost?

  1. Hi I’m interested in knowing how much your current monthly bill will increase if we had Internet services? We currently have century link but we would like better and faster Internet service through dish if possible. Thank you

    1. Hello, the cost of your Internet would depend on which plan and provider you choose. We work with a variety of providers and can certainly help you find something that best fits your needs and budget! Just give us a call at 1-888-291-7119 and let our team know you’d like to add Internet to your DISH services.

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