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DISH Wireless is Enhancing 5G Security

A vector of 5G security

As we become more connected through wireless communication, the challenges for keeping ourselves secure grow exponentially. Threats are amplified when we consider that 5G is providing the framework to bring even more applications for communications all at a grander scale. Things such as autonomous vehicles, enhanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), smart cities, and other applications will not only change the way we communicate but the way we operate our daily lives. These 5G security challenges are being met head-on by DISH Wireless with innovative solutions and better implementation.

There have been a variety of high-profile cyberattacks in recent years throughout the United States and the world. Everything from massive amounts of data being stolen to cities being held for ransom and even pipelines being shut down. As 5G connects more and more aspects of infrastructure, public spaces, and consumers, it is a necessity to simply do better moving forward by protecting networks and creating a safer world. DISH Wireless is bringing a variety of techniques that will deliver better security on true 5G networks that are built for speed but also keep us safe.

Exciting 5G Security Solutions From DISH Wireless

DISH Wireless is setting out to deploy a better 5G network and that begins with security. Having a vulnerable 5G network that is incapable of growing with the times can hinder user experience and provide obvious security threats. This is the problem with using retrofitted 5G networks as they are incapable of handling pure 5G functions and can leave vulnerabilities from previous generations that can be exploited. 

Traditional 5G networks also fail to account for the different needs of customers and provide the same solutions for everyone as blanket security features. But DISH is creating a 5G network built with customization in mind. Take a closer look at some of the key features DISH Wireless is bringing to its subscribers through enhanced 5G security:

  • Confidentiality through edge computing.
  • More security control from the very beginning.
  • Greater flexibility, reliability, and lower latency than previous networks.
  • A range of technical features powered by AI and ML tools including flexible UPP, policy management, and control with system-enabled self-healing capabilities.

5G Security From the Ground Up

One of the benefits that DISH Wireless is bringing to 5G is the freedom to create a pure 5G network. With its new partnership with Oracle to help it develop a pure 5G core capable of assisting with network slicing, DISH Wireless doesn’t have to rely on previous generations of wireless communication. This is good because it doesn’t have any.

There are no subscribers. There are no other obligations. DISH Wireless is focusing solely on providing true 5G throughout America. This means that subscribers will benefit from innovative features that are built specifically for 5G networks. Such examples include Network Exposure Function (NEF), Network Repository Function (NRF), and Policy Control (PCF) which are all being made possible by the collaboration with Oracle to improve DISH’s 5G network. These are a few of the important differences that provide DISH Wireless with a competitive advantage over other 5G networks when it comes to providing a secure 5G experience:

Retrofitted 5G NetworksPure 5G From DISH Wireless
Risks from software supply chains and end-to-end network security risks are enhanced in a retrofitted 5G network.A cloud-native 5G network providing more monitoring and control for security.
Relying on older generations (2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE) can prevent innovative security features from being implemented.The pure 5G nature of DISH Wireless means that more advanced innovations can be deployed due to proper support.
Traditional networks allow the same vendors to travel through their networks which can increase security issues.DISH Wireless is using an Open RAN approach with complex chipset security with more audits, testing, and the ability to interchange vendors for improvements.
Software vulnerabilities may exist if there is a compromise from a trusted vendor.By using a zero-trust approach that forces vendors to always verify themselves, risks are mitigated and transparency is increased.
Retrofitted 5G networks lack the tools to implement as much virtualization as pure 5G networks and continue to underserve some markets leading to network disruptions and security threats.DISH Wireless has strong partnerships that are also working with DISH’s containerized approach to a virtualized network which provides better monitoring and faster security solutions even for hard-to-reach markets.

DISH Wireless Will Use a Zero-Trust Model for 5G Security

A major difference in the way DISH Wireless will provide 5G security comes down to its zero-trust model. This means that as security needs change and continue to become more and more complex, DISH is in the position to evolve and prevent such threats from affecting its 5G network. Certification and verification are used to ensure nobody and nothing is within the network that is not supposed to be. Key management with multi-factor authentication helps DISH Wireless retain control and protect vendors and subscribers alike.

DISH Wireless is Empowering Entities With Secure Network Slices

Network slicing is a huge component of what DISH Wireless is offering subscribers. This will enable entities to receive specific, privatized end-to-end 5G networks built for an individual need. This is a great feature because different entities have different needs and functions including their security features. The functions of a government entity and those of a manufacturing plant are going to be vastly different. Network slicing will allow both to connect to DISH’s innovative 5G network but receive the solutions they need. Customized configurations will protect data that is stored and in use like never before.

Vendor Collaborations From Industry Leaders are Advancing 5G Security

Better security solutions will take a team and DISH Wireless is assembling a strong one. Many vendors are helping bring its 5G network to life with better security in hand. Its cloud-native approach powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing the framework to deploy new security features faster than retrofitted 5G networks. DISH Wireless is also working with VMware for cloud services. Nokia will also assist with containerization and virtualization while Altiostar, Blue Planet, and Matrixx Software will help DISH achieve its goal of being a scalable, software-based 5G network.

Las Vegas Will Benefit From Better 5G Security First

DISH Wireless is beginning the deployment of its nationwide 5G network in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are many different applications for 5G and you’ll find virtually all of them in full force in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Everything is on the table from the flashing lights of world-class entertainment to smart city applications, automation, and manufacturing. With tens of millions of annual tourists, there is a lot of data to protect on top of the data from the many businesses and entities around Vegas. We are witnessing history in wireless with DISH’s decision as more and more innovations continue to be announced. For a more technical approach to all of the things DISH Wireless is doing for 5G security throughout its network, click here to view their whitepaper on the subject.

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