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Fixed Wireless Internet for Gaming: Advantages and Disadvantages

A woman playing video games on fixed wireless Internet

Video games have come a long way with many different innovative ideas slowly but surely creating the gaming world we see today, but none of them have been more impactful than the introduction of the Internet. Like almost every other facet in life, the video game world was never the same since the birth of online gaming. For better, or worse, online gaming changed things and now, gamers have a seemingly endless amount of possibilities that continue to grow across various platforms including mobile devices, consoles, and computers.

Many of these new ways to game are dependent on how fast your Internet is, what type of Internet connection you are using, and how much latency (ping) you are experiencing. Fixed wireless Internet is a great Internet option for millions of Americans who are outside of markets with wired connections such as cable or fiber, but is it capable of handling the increasingly large responsibility of keeping your favorite games running smoothly? Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of fixed wireless Internet for gaming.

Advantage: Fixed Wireless Speeds Continue to Improve

Online gaming requires a lot of speed as games continue to grow in size. Sure, a mobile game will require far less than an MMORPG on PC or a first-person shooter on a console, but overall, online games require speed. Things are happening in real-time and there are a lot of moving pieces. While fixed wireless may not be the fastest it is continuing to improve and is capable of handling most gaming experiences. 5G will even usher in new possibilities by boosting the speeds of fixed wireless Internet to match or surpass even the fastest wired connections we see today including fiber! The biggest advantage is that for underserved markets, fixed wireless Internet can outperform satellite Internet connection because your signal travels a much shorter distance.

Disadvantage: Fixed Wireless Still Struggles With Latency Issues

Though speed is important, latency is another important component of gaming online. Latency is the delay in the time it takes for your action to respond on screen. The higher the latency, the longer it takes for your actions to appear and the lower the latency, the faster your actions will occur within the game. Ping is used to test your connectivity to whoever is hosting your online game. Higher ping can create lag that makes planting impossible or a lack of connectivity altogether. Fixed wireless can struggle with ping issues from time to time and makes it difficult to connect when experiencing these issues. Players can expect ping of under 30 ms when using a fixed wireless connection whereas using cable Internet can lower your ping to 20 ms; however, satellite users can reach ping levels that can reach 500, 600, and even 800+ ms!

Advantage: Disruptions are Less Likely

For many underserved markets, satellite Internet may be the only other option other than fixed wireless Internet. This can be a problem. Satellite Internet is notorious for disruptions due to weather, obstructions, and just in general due to the amount of distance your signal has to travel before you can use your Internet. Fixed wireless Internet is delivered at a much shorter distance and isn’t as encumbered by bad weather. When using a fixed wireless Internet connection, you’ll receive your signal from the main tower fed by a wired connection which then transmits your data through the air to a fixed antenna, radio, or other wireless link connected to your home. This limits the space in which your data has to travel and limits disruptions.

Disadvantage: Line of Sight Issues Can Hinder Gaming

You’ll need to ensure that your line of sight is always clear or the obstruction can cause you to lose service or at the very least, experience disruptions. Fixed wireless Internet does suffer from these issues if there is a change in how your signal is transmitted or if something is put in between your home and the tower you receive a signal from. Remedy these issues by having your provider reposition your antenna for better reception. If this is not an option, you may lose out on being able to connect altogether via fixed wireless.

Advantage: Fixed Wireless is Available in Underserved Markets

Gamers looking for a suitable Internet solution in rural or underserved markets can be left disappointed if satellite Internet is their only option. Fixed wireless Internet is available in many of these markets and can provide an alternative for gamers looking to gain a connection with less latency and faster speeds.

Disadvantage: Typically Not as Fast as Wired Connections

While fixed wireless Internet can hold its own against many satellite Internet providers, against wired connections, download speeds tend to pale in comparison. Just as wired connections produce a smoother gaming experience than using WiFi, a wired connection works in the same manner. Cable and fiber Internet connections can reach astounding speeds including as high as 1000 Mbps! Fixed wireless Internet can support streaming and gaming but is nowhere near the top speeds of the most modern wired connections.

Advantage: DISH Wireless is Revolutionizing Fixed Wireless for Gaming

Online gaming will never be the same as the build-out of 5G continues. 5G is bringing capabilities never seen before in wireless communications. Fixed wireless Internet will be bolstered by the latest generation of wireless and DISH Wireless is leading the charge.

Mobile gaming will gain a tremendous boost from 5G networks like DISH Wireless but home broadband will also see an impressive bump in Internet connectivity. With download speeds reaching ten times what is possible in 4G LTE and latency being reduced dramatically, DISH Wireless is creating a 5G network that is capable of creating an online gaming experience that reacts in real-time like never before.

As for home Internet, fixed wireless Internet will connect similarly with many end-to-end network solutions being created by DISH Wireless through 5G. You will be able to connect with a fraction of the latency seen today, lower ping rates, and download speeds that can compete and even surpass the 1000 Mbps seen in cable and fiber Internet connections.

The possibilities continue with 5G as faster speeds and lower latency will allow for bigger games with more features. This includes bigger online games across multiple platforms, augmented reality (AR) experiences that are more interactive no matter where you are, virtual reality (VR) that is more immersive, and cloud gaming that allows developers to program even more within your game than physical copies have allowed. Gaming as you knew it was revolutionized by the introduction of the Internet and thanks to innovative companies such as DISH Wireless, 5G will create another revolution setting up an exciting future for gamers of all devices.

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