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By submittimg this form, I acknowledge that I permit to use my information provided to search for their best current offers for DISH Satellite TV plus internet service. I also grant express consent to contact me at the number and/or email address I have provided above with automated technology in relation to this inquiry via phone, e-mail, or text message. I understand that I am not required to consent to make a purchase.

How to Bundle DISH Network with HughesNet Internet

DISH Network offers subscribers the best entertainment available in satellite television. From amazing features to expansive channel packages and award-winning customer service, DISH Network has it all. You can personalize your viewing experience even further with a variety of content-specific add-ons with niche programming to fit your needs and 80,000 On Demand titles available at the click of a button. Viewers can complete their entertainment with their favorite apps because DISH Networks provides a seamless way to access apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, and more!

With a history of serving hard-to-reach homes, DISH Network continues to be the world leader in satellite TV and now you can bundle their amazing television options with satellite Internet from HughesNet. This is huge because not only is HughesNet available nationwide, but it allows you to take your viewing experience to the next level with DISH Network. Not only do you gain high-speed Internet, but you’ll gain access to award-winning features that elevate your favorite shows and movies.

Bundling DISH with HughesNet can gain your home plenty of benefits. All while creating opportunities for savings, enhancing your entertainment, and staying connected no matter where you are. Learn more about bundling DISH Network and HughesNet together for your home’s entertainment and communication needs.

HughesNet Internet Bundled Pricing

Connecting to the Internet in rural and underserved markets can be difficult, but with HughesNet satellite Internet, you can gain high-speed Internet no matter where you are located for only $59.99 a month. Subscribers receive 25 Mbps which is plenty of speed to keep up with family and friends on social media, stream your favorite shows, email, online shop, work from home, and more. All of this is available with no hard data limits meaning you can enjoy the Internet without worrying about being overcharged or disconnected. DISH Network and HughesNet are names you can trust to provide outstanding service and reliable connections.

DISH TV Bundled Pricing

By bundling DISH Network, you gain access to the best satellite TV provider in the world. There are a variety of boisterous channel packages available for subscribers overflowing with channels and movies you’ll love. Still looking for more content? DISH Network subscribers can choose from a wide selection of add-ons with content built around your interests delivered directly to your home. Take a look at the different channel packages DISH Network can provide your home, all available for bundling while you save each month:

DISH Network PackageDISH Monthly Price# of ChannelsStarting Monthly Price for HughesNet InternetHughesNet Package SpeedTotal DISH Monthly Bundle Price with HughesNet Internet
America’s Top 120$64.99190$59.99Up to 25 Mbps*$124.98
America’s Top 120 Plus$79.99190+$59.99Up to 25 Mbps*$139.98
America’s Top 200$89.99240+$59.99Up to 25 Mbps*$149.98
America’s Top 250$99.99290+$59.99Up to 25 Mbps*$159.99
*HughesNet internet speeds will vary depending on location and availability.

One of the most intriguing aspects of DISH Network is the transparency you receive when signing up. There are plenty of television providers that offer customers an introductory price in the beginning only to raise your rates with fees, rate increases, and who knows what else months down the road. DISH is different. Subscribers can count on consistency in their billing thanks to DISH Network’s two-year price lock guarantee. There are also plenty of opportunities to add-on additional content that enhance your channel package with a range of genres including sports, kids shows, movie channels, documentaries, drama, horror, lifestyle, and plenty of additional options:

DISH Network Add-OnStarting Monthly PriceDescription
Multi-Sport Pack$13.0049 channels covering a variety of sports, leagues, and competitions including the NFL Network, various collegiate sports, MLB Network, NBA TV, and much more.
Various Premium Channels and Movies$6.00EPIX, Showtime, STARZ, and more are all available for DISH Network subscribers.
Various Lifestyle Packages$4Whether you are looking for family-friendly content, shows about the great outdoors, or even TV for your canine pal, DISH’s Lifestyle Packages provide something for every member of your family.
Various On Demand ChannelsFreePremium content, kids shows, documentaries, the outdoors, drama, comedies, movies, faith-based content, horror…if you can imagine it, DISH Network has a channel with content tailored to your niche.
International Channels From Around the WorldN/A*DISH Network offers a TON of international channels from every corner of the Earth including Latino packages, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.
*Speak with your DISH Network representative to learn more about the vast collection of international channels available with your subscription.

There are many other add-ons available, however, these are some of the most popular examples guaranteed to take your channel package to the next level. Build a bundle you’ll love to stay entertained, connected, and save all at once. Contact us today to get started on a customized bundle and enhanced experience for your home.

Why Bundle Your DISH TV With HughesNet Internet

Savings, more features for your entertainment, and a custom entertainment experience? There are plenty of reasons to bundle DISH Network with HughesNet Internet. Get to know these amazing benefits better and see why bundling will help you in a variety of ways:

  • Instead of spending time searching for a television and Internet provider, sifting through deals, and using more time to decide, you can bundle your services together, forget the hassle, and spend more time enjoying your TV and Internet.
  • DISH Network comes with a two-year price lock guarantee which means you don’t have to stress over unsightly charges and gain peace of mind knowing your bill will be consistent month after month.
  • When you connect DISH Network to the Internet you gain additional features including Voice Remote powered by Google Assistant which can be paired with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices.

Less time shopping, save stress with consistent billing, gain amazing entertainment features, and save when you bundle DISH Network and HughesNet. Bundling delivers much more than your television and Internet than meets the eye!

How to Get Started

Staying connected has never been more important than it is today and by bundling DISH Network and HughesNet, you can gain access to industry-leading television and Internet services. GoDISH helps users bundle their satellite television and Internet together with ease to provide a seamless experience and a complete entertainment package you’ll love. Get in touch with us today to build your bundle and save!

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