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How To Use The DISH Voice Remote

DISH Voice Remote

Using your DISH Voice Remote is quite simple. You can do everything from finding your favorite shows, learn about the weather, and even find a bite to eat all with just the sound of your voice. The DISH Voice Remote even comes with Google Assistant and can connect to and control multiple devices with your voice. Learn more about the features and benefits of your DISH Voice Remote and how to use simple voice commands to elevate the way you enjoy your favorite programs.

Voice Commands Elevate Your Entertainment

There are several voice commands you can perform that will change the way you enjoy television and much more. You can change the channel, check the weather, find shows and movies, locate nearby businesses, check the score, control other smart devices including your Hopper, and much much more. Being powered by Google, the innovative search capabilities that you know and love are now available to you through DISH. Take a look at some common commands you can use with your DISH Voice Remote for your entertainment needs:

  • “Go to channel 200”
  • “Pause”
  • “Play”
  • “Fast-forward”
  • “Picture in picture”
  • “Go to Netflix”
  • “On demand”
  • “Play Super Simple Songs on YouTube”

These are just a few of the ways you can use your DISH Voice Remote and you can also use voice commands for much more than entertainment thanks to the brilliance of Google Assistant. Linking your Google account will help you unlock a multitude of new features such as connecting smart home devices and even managing your schedule:

  • “Find sushi near me”
  • “Add soccer practice to my calendar on Thursday”
  • “What is on my calendar today?”
  • “What is the score of the basketball game?”
  • “Lock the back door”
  • “How large are whales?”

The possibilities continue to grow as your Google Assistant continues to grow and learn. Take a look at how you can access your Google Assistant below.

Using Your DISH Voice Remote

There are a lot of different things you can do and we have you covered to navigate these impressive features. Take advantage of this award-winning remote, the power of Google, and the impressive range of entertainment from DISH Network. You’ll need to be able to connect to the Internet for these features, but the setup is as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Pairing Your DISH Voice Remote With Your Receiver:

  • Press the “SYS INFO” button on the front of your receiver.
  • Press the “SAT” button on the side of your DISH Voice Remote. Listen for three beeps (this will let you know that your remote is paired).
  • Hold the “Back” button to enjoy live television.

Pairing Your DISH Voice Remote With Your Television:

  • Press the “HOME” button twice.
  • Select “Settings” and then “Remote Control”.
  • Select “TV” under “Devices” and then “TV Pairing Wizard”.
  • Select your television’s brand and then press “Next”.
  • Test your DISH Voice Remote.

Activating Your Voice Features:

  • Press the “Microphone” button on your DISH Voice Remote.
  • Select “Get Started” on your screen.
  • Select “I understand” after reading the terms and policies.
  • Select “Allow” or “No Thanks” after reading about both DISH and Google’s policies on how they share information.

Once you have completed these steps, you can enjoy your DISH Voice Remote. To unlock additional features that come from your Google Assistant, take a look at the section below. If not, simply begin using your remote via voice commands and take your television experience to the next level.

Google Assistant

As you can see, what makes your DISH Voice Remote so intuitive and useful is that it is powered by Google Assistant. This virtual assistant is an advanced voice assistant that is on more than a billion devices and can help you do everything from answer your kids when they have obscure questions about dinosaurs to find the score of your favorite team’s game to managing your schedule, connecting and controlling other smart devices, and much more. To get the most out of your DISH Voice Remote and your Google Assistant, you’ll need to pair it with your Google Account. Take a look at this simple step by step method to connect your Google Account to your receiver:

  • Open your Google Assistant app on your phone and say “Set up my Assistant device”. Alternatively, you can hold the microphone on your remote and say “show me my photos.” From here, you can follow the instructions that will appear on your screen.
  • Select “Next” once your receiver is found. If your receiver is not found, be sure to check that your receiver and mobile device are on the same network and retry.
  • A code will appear on your mobile device and your television. Be sure to confirm that they are matching and if they are, select “Yes”. If they do not, select “No” and repeat the previous step.
  • You will now press “Allow” so that your device may have access to your Google Account.
  • Once you receive a message stating “You’re signed in” on your television, follow the directions on your mobile device to set up your personal settings.
  • Press “Done” on your mobile device and begin enjoying the ability to use various voice commands on your DISH Voice Remote empowered by Google Assistant!

Connect to Other Devices for a Hands-Free Experience

DISH Network is using the cutting-edge technology of the Google Assistant to not only enhance your television but also enhance your home. You can also connect to Google Nest devices and Google Home. You can also connect your Hopper 3 to Amazon Alexa devices for an even richer experience. Hands-Free TV™ is just another example of the innovative approach DISH Network continues to deliver its subscribers.

The DISH Voice Remote is Universal and Can Find Itself

Your DISH Voice Remote is capable of many features and benefits for your convenience. Using your DISH Voice Remote can simplify your life as it is capable of being used with the Hopper 3, various televisions, DVD players, and even audio systems. If you ever lose your remote, the DISH Voice Remote makes finding it far less of a hassle. Simply press “Locate Remote” on your Hopper or Joey and your remote will emit a beep while blinking to help you locate it. You can also program personalize your DISH Voice Remote using the hotkeys with the “single diamond” and “double diamond” emblems located near the bottom of your remote. These personalizations can range from recording your favorite shows to adjusting closed captioning, and many things in-between.

Experience Hands-Free TV™ and More With DISH Network

Using your DISH Voice Remote is simple and creates an entirely new realm of possibilities with not only how you enjoy your television, but how your home can be used. Not subscribed to DISH Network? On top of the innovative DISH Voice Remote, the leader in satellite television is delivering a variety of highly sought after channel packages which are sure to satisfy your entertainment needs at an affordable rate locked in for three years! You can also bundle your home’s Internet with a DISH package choosing from one of the many top-rated providers available to our customers. Contact us today and experience Hands-Free TV™, an enhanced smart home experience, and a superior television package from DISH Network.

Source: DISH Network

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