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How to Watch Shark Week 2020 on DISH Network

Splish, splash Shark Week is back! What is undeniably everyone’s favorite TV marathon is finally, here again, to grace our screens with one of the most feared creatures of the sea. The week starts on August 9th and the 8-day series will end on August 16th. We’ve got your complete Shark Week lineup including the 20th year celebration of “Air Jaws” and highly-anticipated shows including Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef, ShaqAttack and Will Smith: Off The Deep End. 

Get those DVRs set and ready to record! The Discovery Channel is airing over 20 hours of jaw-biting content, and you’re not going to want to miss a moment. Luckily for you, if you’re a DISH customer, you’ve got the Hopper that can hold up to 2,000 hours of content, so you could record all of your favorite Shark-themed TV shows and anything else you can’t miss. 

Where to Watch Shark Week on DISH Network

For DISH Network customers, Shark Week will be available on The Discovery Channel, on Channel 182. If you’ve got the America’s Top 120 package, America’s Top 120+, America’s Top 200, or America’s Top 250 then you’ve got The Discovery Channel! 

Shark Week 2020 Schedule 

*All times are in Central Standard Time

Sunday, August 9th 

8 PM: Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off 

Teams of researchers will use drones, decoys, and underwater cameras to collect data on hunting techniques to see if the dwindling shark population is rebounding. Of course, there will be mind-blowing breaches from one of the most powerful creatures in the sea. 

9 PM: Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef

Boxer gone researcher, Mike Tyson will square off with the ocean’s biggest heavyweights in the ultimate underwater showdown. All for research, no actual sharks were harmed in the making of this show! 

Monday, August 10th

8 PM: Abandoned Waters

The pandemic has consumed our world for months, but it’s given the ocean and animals time to heal and return to natural behaviors with no human interaction. In Abandon Waters, researchers will study great white sharks at Australia’s Neptune Islands in ways that were impossible due to shark tourism. Now for the first time ever, scientists can study these sharks like never before. 

9 PM: ShaqAttack

Shaquille O’Neal is back for more action and is partnering up with Dude Perfect and Mark Rober to test what shark is the perfect predator. 

10 PM: Jaws Awakens

World-renowned shark expert Chris Fallows joins Dickie Chivell and Jeff Kurr to look for the world’s largest male great white shark. The trio searches the waters of New Zealand for a 20-foot long, two-ton shark named Fred. 

Tuesday, August 11th

8 PM: Extinct or Alive: Land of Lost Sharks 

Conservationist and wildlife biologist Forrest Galante is on a mission to rediscover unique sharks that have gone under the radar in the science community for over 100 years. Galante will do the unthinkable and dive into some of the southern hemisphere’s most shark-infested waters all in the name of rediscovery. 

9 PM: Will Smith: Off the Deep End 

Will Smith will confront his fear of the open sea and dive into shark-infested waters to face one of the sea’s fiercest predators. 

10 PM: Great White Serial Killer Extinction

The California Sea Otter population is nearing extinction because of the Great White Serial Killer. Researchers will use an otter dummy to understand why and unknowingly witness one of the most spectacular attacks to ever be aired in Shark Week history. 

Wednesday, August 12th 

8 PM: Monster Under the Bridge

Old Seven Mile Bridge is home to some monster sharks according to a few scientists and local fishermen. Locals claim that there’s an 18-foot, one-ton hammerhead named Big Moe lurking beneath. If the tall tale is true, Big Moe would be one of the largest hammerheads to swim the seas. 

9 PM: Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair

In 2019, Adam Devine and a team of marine biologists put a CATS camera tag on a tiger shark that caught a surprising discovery: a secret tiger shark lair, making it one of the largest congregations of tiger sharks in the world. Devine’s Workaholics co-stars Anders Holm and Blake Anderson team up with Devine and a team of scientists to figure out why this “Shark Party” is so epic. 

10 PM: Great White Double Trouble

Australia is home to some of the biggest great white sharks in the world and has seen a rise in shark attacks with great whites being the leading aggressor. Scientists have figured out that not one but two great white populations are attacking Aussies and researches want to know which population of great whites are top dogs. 

Thursday, August 13th

8 PM: Air Jaws 2020

Shark Week celebrates 20 years of great whites breaching waters with Chris Fallows, Jeff Kurr, and Dickie Chivell as they revisit the most iconic “Air Jaws” moments. 

9 PM: Jaws in America

In this special, Snoop Dogg will meet with leading experts to try to understand the recent growing population of great white sharks in US waters. Together, viewers and Snopp Dogg will watch shark encounters caught on tape and try to understand why this may be the “sharkiest” summer in US history. 

10 PM: Mako Nation

Mako sharks are one of the fastest sharks in the ocean yet also one of the most mysterious. Shark expert Riley Elliot and underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande work together to uncover mako shark mysteries to better understand these apex predators. 

Friday, August 14th

8 PM: Alien Sharks: First Contact

There are more marvelous sharks in the ocean than just the hammerhead or lemon shark, there are unique and mysterious creatures that lurk far beneath the ocean’s surface. Join a team of researchers as they dive deep to pursue the sleeper shark, cookie cutter shark, and elusive frilled shark. 

9 PM: Lair of the Great White 

A team of researchers joins together to understand why the great white population off the coast of Western Australia is more aggressive than other populations. The team must go into shark-infested waters and underwater caves to understand the truth. 

10 PM: Tiger Shark King

Unknown species of mega-shark or cannibalistic tiger shark? A deepsea cameraman caught footage of a 14-foot tiger shark being attacked by an unknown beast and Dr. Austin Gallagher wants to find out what happened. 

11 PM: I Was Prey Shark Week 2 

Two Aussies retell their terrifying encounters with the ocean’s top predators. One spearfisherman battles it out with an aggressive bull shark and a paddleboarder fights a great white on Ascension Island. 

Saturday, August 15th

8 PM: Sharks of Ghost Island

Ghost Island, an abandoned island in the Bermuda Triangle, has been abandoned by locals after countless shipwrecks and shark attacks. Dr. Craig O’Connell has tried to study the shark hotspot before, but his first time was cut short because his boat almost sank. O’Connell is back to finish his research to find out why Ghost Island is home to so many sharks. 

9 PM: Wicked Sharks

Cape Cod is home to beautiful beaches and a vacation hotspot for many northerners, but it’s seen a growing rise in shark encounters over the years. To better protect the public, Dr. Greg Skomal uses cutting-edge technology from the shark’s point of view to determine where and how they’re hunting in Cape Cod waters. 

10 PM: Sharks Gone Wild 3

Sharks Gone Wild 3 reviews it all! From viral videos to the top-trending news stories, this show breaks everything you’d want to know about viral shark videos. 

11 PM: I Was Prey: Terrors from the Deep

Four north Americans recount their stories on how they came face-to-face with one of the ocean’s most feared predators. 

Sunday, August 16th

8 PM: Naked & Afraid of Sharks 2

Five Naked & Afraid veterans- Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serene, and Amber Shine will visit the edge of the Bermuda Triangle in an area called “Shark Alley” by locals. The foursome will attempt to survive in this remote location with limited resources, harsh lands and will have to hunt for food in shark-infested waters with predators fighting for the same meal. 

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Shark Week 2020 Downloadable Schedule 

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