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Rural Internet Options: Fixed Wireless Internet for Gaming

A sign depicting rural Internet.

Gamers living in remote or rural areas can face unique challenges. While millions of Americans take for granted the lightning speeds and low levels of latency modern broadband can bring, there are also millions of Americans who understand that such connections can be more difficult than one might think in modern times. This can be particularly frustrating when you are playing games online.

There are a variety of ways we use the Internet and gaming is one of the most fun ways we can think of. Where video games have come and what they are today would not be possible without the Internet. But this also means the Internet plays a bigger responsibility to ensure that our favorite games have a positive user experience (UX). Games are also growing in more than one way. The size of games, reach, and capabilities all have seen dramatic improvements across a variety of platforms. Consoles, computers, and mobile devices all host games of different forms with the lines continuing to get blurred more and more each day, and at the center of everything is the Internet.

Not all Internet connections are the same. There are many different types of connectivity including cable, fiber, and satellite Internet. For many rural gamers, satellite is a popular choice for connecting to the Internet, however, ask anyone who has played online via satellite Internet and you’ll find that it can be less than ideal. This is in part because the investment needed to go into rural markets and underserved markets is often deemed too high for many wired broadband providers and never accomplished. If connectivity is not possible through other methods, satellite Internet can be the only option available in many markets.

Fixed wireless Internet is an alternative for many underserved markets looking to connect online to suitable speeds but with far less latency. Even the fastest speeds won’t be of much help for gamers if latency is an issue. If you are unable to react in real-time, playing video games competitively will be a frustrating experience. But why does fixed wireless Internet work so much better than satellite Internet? Is fixed wireless expanding into more markets to provide more access to those in need? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we look at fixed wireless Internet, an excellent rural Internet option for homes across the country.

Understanding How Fixed Wireless Internet Works

Fixed wireless Internet works by receiving your device’s signal at the main tower that is connected through a cable or fiber wire and then transmitted back through the air to a radio or an antenna that is connected to your home. From here, the signal is sent to your device and the response is seen on your screen. Because of the relatively short distance that signals have to travel when using fixed wireless Internet connections, latency is kept at a manageable level.

Knowing how fixed wireless Internet works is important because it can help explain how this method can help keep latency at bay. If you play games online, you’ll be familiar with “ping” which is a way to measure the amount of latency you are experiencing during a gaming session. The higher the ping, the worst your experience is going to be because ping is measuring how long it takes for your device to connect to the server being used to host your game:

  • Low ping = faster responses and better connectivity. 
  • High ping = delayed responses and the inability to connect.

Wired connections provide lower ping under normal circumstances because your signal is stronger and travels a much shorter distance. You’ll also have a direct line to your broadband whereas there can be interferences when using a wireless connection for your Internet. To learn more about fixed wireless Internet, take a look at our previous article here.

Rural Internet Latency Issues

With satellite Internet being a popular solution to connecting online in rural markets, latency continues to be an issue for gamers. We know how fixed wireless Internet works, but satellite Internet uses a different method. While it’s true, both are wireless by nature, there is a huge area in which they differ: distance. Satellite Internet requires your signal to travel a considerable farther journey to deliver your connection.

If you are connected to the Internet via satellite Internet, your device will send a signal to your modem to an antenna. Once here it is shot into space to a satellite only to be sent back down to Earth to your Internet service provider’s (ISP) antenna. It is then sent back into space to be received by the satellite and shot back down to your antenna, sent to your modem, and then to your screen…that’s a lot of traveling.

Milliseconds count when it comes to responses and satellites can, unfortunately, miss the mark needed to stay connected to servers or respond in games the way you should. Fixed wireless Internet can provide latency of around 20 to 30 ms which is perfectly capable of handling even extensive gaming capabilities. Satellite gamers can be stuck with 300, 500, and even as high as 800+ ms latency to deal with. Fixed wireless Internet is better suited for handling online games and keeping you connected.

Fixed Wireless Providers in America

Fixed wireless Internet providers come in different shapes and forms but for gamers looking to get the most out of their Internet and their games, Blazing Hog is the way to go. Blazing Hog is a fixed wireless Internet that specializes in reaching hard to reach homes with a reliable signal and strong, fast connections and can be bundled with DISH Network. Combining Blazing Hog’s lightning-fast fixed wireless Internet with the best experience in satellite television is a winning combination. To learn more or to sign up for one of our amazing channel packages, be sure to contact us today!

Rural Internet is Receiving a Boost From DISH Wireless

Exciting developments are coming to the world of fixed wireless Internet and gamers are going to benefit tremendously. DISH Wireless officially announced its intentions to the world in 2020 after forming and is building out a nationwide 5G network throughout America. This is important because 5G is going to be much more than faster smart devices. 5G is going to change the way wireless communications operate.
A huge target of both 5G and DISH Wireless is the fixed wireless Internet area. DISH has already built a reputation for providing rural markets with viable television and is now looking to become the superior rural Internet option for millions of Americans. There are a lot of plans in the works right now including personalized end-to-end fixed wireless networks that would provide you with a network specifically built for your needs. On top of all of this, because 5G is capable of reaching download speeds of 300-1000 Mbps and latency well under 10 ms, the fixed wireless Internet solutions being created by DISH Wireless will transform rural markets across the country in years to come.

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