Sling TV Launches Free News

DISH Network’s streaming service Sling TV rolled out a new service called the “Stay in & SLING”initiative. This service is a direct response by the company to the COVID-19 outbreak and is designed to keep people informed as much as possible. The Stay in & SLING initiative includes a free tier of Sling TV service that offers free news from ABC News Live, Fox News and select FOX affiliates. The hope is these free news services will keep more Americans informed of what’s going on with coronavirus and what they need to do to help combat it. Since so many schools have transitioned to remote learning, a lot more kids are at home all the time. In an effort to help keep them entertained Sling TV’s free tier of service also includes free access to thousands of movies and shows that are suitable for kids and families. Warren Schlichting, group president at Sling TV released a statement about the new service. “To stay informed in these uncertain times, Americans need access to news from reputable sources,” said Schlichting. “With many Americans finding themselves staying at home, we have an opportunity to use our platform to help them deal with this rapidly evolving situation.” Andy LeCuyer, Dish senior vice president of programming also released a statement about the new Sling TV service. “Dish is committed to ensuring that our customers have access to critical local news coverage regarding COVID-19 in their community,” reads the statement. “Our customers always come first, and restoring these channels is one more step we’ve taken to help them get through this challenging time.” It looks as though this coronavirus pandemic is not going away anytime soon. Businesses are going to have to adapt to this new landscape, and it’s great to see DISH Network leading the way. Sources: FierceVideo

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