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Stories to Watch in the Premier League This Season

A Premier League soccer ball.

The 2019-20 Premier League season was as unconventional as it was extraordinary. From Liverpool winning their first title in 30 years to a worldwide pandemic that shocked the world, it was an eventful season, to say the least. Due to the complications of COVID-19, players will have to catch their wind in a hurry as the next season is already here. Kicking off September 12, 2020, your favorite Premier League teams will be bringing us the pinnacle of club football as teams chase the title.

Many things are likely to be expected. You have Liverpool and Manchester City who look to still have a notable step above the rest but some decisive teams are looking to make an impact. Many teams will be fighting for a coveted Europa or Champions League spot and, of course, you’ll have a battle at the bottom to see who can survive the yearly relegation. Take a closer look at the top stories to watch for as the Premier League gets going and don’t forget, you can follow your favorite club all season long with GoDISH.

Arsenal is Looking to Regain its Form

Life after Arsene Wenger has not been ideal for the Gunners and last year ended with a fizzle having to settle for an 8th place finish. There are plenty of talented players and some who may need to be unloaded to rebuild. The one thing that is for sure is that new manager Mikel Arteta will have quite the task ahead of him as he looks to build a team capable of competing for a shot at the Champions League next year. Still, there is a lot of hope from a squad coming straight off of a victory in a FA Cup final comeback and now winning the FA Community Shield. Can Arsenal right their ship to finish in the top 4 and, just maybe, shock the world and steal the title?

Chelsea Posing a Threat

To say Frank Lampard’s first season managing Chelsea was a disappointment may be an overstatement yet losing the third spot to United late wasn’t the high note finish Chelsea fans would have wanted to see. Losing after an early lead in the FA Cup final to crosstown rivals Arsenal also didn’t help. But the future is bright for Chelsea with Christian Pulisic looking to regain his fitness after catching an injury in the second half of the FA Cup final, Timo Warner coming to add yet another goal-scoring threat, esteemed Hakim Ziyech joining the pack, and rumors continuing to surround another German sensation, Kai Havertz. Youth and talent are pouring into a squad that has the attention of everyone in England. Chelsea is setting up a great base to challenge for Champions League football and maybe even more for years to come.

Middle Teams Looking for European Competition

Several clubs were left in the middle of the table after a grueling season. Tottenham fell flat, Everton never got going and had financial troubles, and Wolves were handed heartbreak late in the season. Sheffield United showed promise as did Burnley and Southampton throughout the season. Each squad will have their hurdles to clear but the overall theme is the lack of consistency from each player unit and a lack of consistency from game to game as a whole. If these squads are going to pursue international competitions, they are going to have to step it up this season in the Premier League.

Will Bruno Continue to Produce for Manchester United?

After a season of exciting players and a reemergence of their attack after adding the long-awaited transfer target of Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United finished in third. Having to watch bitter rivals Leeds United lift a trophy and join the league as well as an outstanding victory from Liverpool was a bitter pill to swallow for any United fan and if they are going to challenge for the Premier League title, they are going to need Bruno to produce more than from the penalty spot. Liverpool was the only team with fewer losses than United last season and they are going to need to finish their chances at a higher rate this season to regain the glory they have missed since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Ole is at the wheel and Bruno is on the pitch, now the challenge becomes producing the results they know they are capable of. 

Can Newcastle Find a Buyer?

Newcastle has plenty of things to fix on the pitch if they are going to celebrate much more than simply avoiding relegation, but after its search for a new owner came to a spirling conclusion, the club, and the fans will be paying attention to who if anyone will step in and purchase the historic club. Finding an owner can be a bit of a distraction for the club who are only a few years removed from being relegated. Steve Bruce will look to navigate the ship headed for potentially rough seas as he looks to manage tactics and the outside noise.

Fulham, Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion: Who Will Survive?

Fresh out of the EFL Championship, all three of the newly promoted clubs will have to fight to survive in England’s top flight. Fulham has been here before as have West Bromwich Albion and their returns are an exciting moment for fans everywhere, but no supporters may be more excited about this season than those of Leeds United. After financial troubles harmed the team and played a role in having them relegated from the Premier League for 16 years, they are ready to make an impact and avoid relegation. The pride and financial benefit of playing in the Premier League impact clubs for years to come in terms of how they can compete in the transfer market as well as on the pitch. Are these minnows one-hit wonders or will they survive the currents and stay alive?

Will the Giants Fall?

The last two seasons of the Premier League have seen some historical results from both reigning champions Liverpool and Manchester City who won the league the previous two seasons beforehand. Both squads show little evidence of slowing down and will surely be in the thick of things for a top 4 finish as the league reaches its end later next year, but with Chelsea and Manchester United looking to reclaim the title and making moves to do so, we may have a few dark horse contenders this season. Even Leicester City has shown us they are capable of the improbable before will look to recapture its early-mid season form of last year throughout an entire campaign to make things uncomfortable for both City and Liverpool. It isn’t likely that either has a down season but in the Premier League things can change in an instant.

Follow the Premier League With GoDISH

GoDISH is here for the entirety of the 2020-21 Premier League campaign and is bringing the beautiful game to you through the NBC Sports Group’s family of networks. England’s top-flight is always filled with spectacular plays, physical battles, and enough drama to keep you on the edge of your seat all season long. Contact us today to find the perfect television package for your needs. You can even bundle your DISH subscription with popular Internet service providers.

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