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The Benefits of Satellite TV Over Streaming

It’s no secret that streaming your favorite shows is a great way to enjoy television but relying on streaming services alone can have some major setbacks for your entertainment experience. It’s fun to sit and binge the latest trending show on a rainy day but not all markets are the same. Some homes may be well-suited for solely relying on streaming and for others, streaming can be a wonderful addition to their home’s entertainment features, but without access to satellite television, some markets may go lacking when it comes to TV options. Check out a few of the benefits of satellite TV versus streaming services.

Saving Your Internet Data

Streaming television takes data and in homes, particularly in rural areas, too much streaming can be a strain on your Internet resources. Many rural homes use satellite Internet as their connectivity type. While great for many functions including streaming, if there are too many devices streaming at once, you may experience connectivity issues. Furthermore, in homes with many devices, streaming can drain your monthly data leading to overages or throttling. Subscribing to satellite television services gives your home more ways to stay entertained without putting a strain on your Internet service.

Satellite Television Has Far More Content

When you compare the amount of content that is available from a provider such as DISH Network versus Netflix or Hulu, it is clear to see that the amount of channel and packaging options fall on the side of DISH rather than a streaming service. Sure, streaming has a lot of content new and old with some services such as Disney+ having a massive catalog at its disposal. But packages from satellite providers like DISH can provide a customized experience on top of the main packages stuffed with hundreds of channels and tens of thousands of options on-demand.

You Have Greater Control Over Live Television

Live television is a great feature for traditional pay-TV subscribers and even as streaming services such as Hulu begin to implement them into their plans, traditional subscribers still have more tools at their disposal. DVR services such as Hopper 3 provide exceptional recording capacity and options meaning you never have to miss a live event again. It also gives you the freedom to access these events on your time. As if that wasn’t enough, satellite television provides avenues for major events such as pay per view, sports packages, and reality television shows you may miss in real-time when relying on a streaming service.

Overcoming Streaming Saturation and Licensing Issues

One of the main things that all streaming services have in common is their determination to be different. Streaming platforms are competing now more than ever for the attention of customers through acquiring the rights to popular television series and movies, creating unique content, and shifting brand focus. This can yield some great entertainment options but it can also take away the very content you know and love. For example, Netflix subscribers will have to look elsewhere, Peacock to be exact, to catch the cultural phenomenon known as The Office come 2021 as the show is set to leave the popular service. Instead of consolidating your favorite shows and movies, streamers are forced to jump between services to accommodate a variety of content. Who knows how many services will emerge, but without a centralized area to get access to your shows, you may end up spending more time than you think to search for your favorite titles and brands.

Subscribe and Save Through GoDISH

Stay connected to the best that satellite television has to offer. DISH Network is an award-winning television provider that can reach subscribers nationwide. GoDISH helps customers find the perfect DISH package to fit their entertainment needs and their budget. You can get started today and even bundle a variety of Internet options through bundling. Contact us and see how DISH can enhance your television experience today.

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