Verizon Launches Cross-Screen Planning Tool

Verizon Media recently announced that they are launching a new tool that they’re calling the “Cross-Screen Planner”. This tool is designed to help marketers reach viewers through both traditional and internet-connected televisions while avoiding over serving one ad to the same customer. This new tool uses Nielsen Smart TV Viewership Data to find out what content viewers are exposed to. The real revolutionary feature of this tool that has marketers so excited is its ability to enable simultaneous forecasts across different screens and formats. Ivan Markman, chief business officer at Verizon Media, spoke with Broadcasting Cable about this new tool. “CTV’s explosive growth is providing advertisers an opportunity to reach and engage with audiences in new and exciting ways,” said Markman. “As such, we’re also seeing a greater convergence of traditional and emerging channels, with advertisers shifting spend to these ‘smarter’ channels. Verizon Media’s DSP is the industry’s only omnichannel platform and our new Cross-Screen Planner speaks to our commitment in giving advertising partners’ transparency and robust campaign performance insights.” According to the announcement, Cross-Screen Planner includes a few key features that are worth calling out: An audience comparative overlap analysis PDF export for easy report sharing End-to-end planning and measurement for CTV and digital executings The same linear TV buying parameters that markets are used to working with. Nielsen also spoke with Broadcasting Cable about this new tool. Matt Reid, a senior VP at Nielsen said that, “Advertisers understand strong cross-platform strategies are critical to their successes in a connected world. With the integration of Nielsen’s Smart TV Viewership data into Verizon Media’s identity graph, Verizon Media DSP clients can now access a single view that enables consolidated omnichannel planning and unified reporting.” The true efficacy of this tool won’t really be known until marketers have had a few months to use it. However, Verizon is very optimistic that this tool will allow television marketers to make more data-driven decisions when it comes to targeting their campaigns. Sources: Broadcasting Cable

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