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Nine Reasons Why DISH Network is Worth Getting

DISH Network has plenty to offer subscribers and it doesn’t end with its outstanding channel packages. How you watch TV is just as important as what you watch on TV! When you subscribe to DISH Network, not only do you receive 190+ channels filled with your favorite movies and shows, but you also receive industry-leading features that enhance the way you enjoy those programs. This ranges from award-winning technology to the opportunity to save money every month. Every DISH Network subscriber gets:

  • Affordable content with a three-year price lock
  • Free installation from a trained professional to ensure a safe and timely install
  • A wide variety of channel packages with some of the most abundant content offerings in the industry
  • Incredible features such as superior DVR services and Google Voice Remote
  • Availability in all 50 states
  • Ability to bundle internet with leading service providers for low monthly bills

Learn more about the nine great reasons why DISH Network is worth getting and why it boasts more value than the competition.

1. Save Money With DISH’s Three-Year Price Lock Guarantee

One of the most intriguing features that DISH Network has to offer is its three-year price lock guarantee. This means the price you pay in month one is the same you pay in month thirty-six. Many other television providers will suck customers in with an introductory price only to see higher rates anywhere from three to six to twelve months down the road. DISH Network is upfront and keeps your price the same when you sign for three-years to provide stability and transparency to your entertainment budget.

2. Access More With DISH Network

When you take the time to explore why DISH Network is worth getting, the content catalog becomes even more extensive than what meets the eye. This includes the fantastic channel packages, content-specific add-ons, and premium channel options, but DISH subscribers gain access to even more:

  • 80,000 titles available On Demand.
  • Over 200 HD channels are available as well as 4K HD programming.
  • Your favorite entertainment apps all available through an award-winning DVR (The Hopper 3) including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Pandora through a user-friendly interface.
  • The Hopper 3 allows you to record and watch up to 16 shows at once and store up to 500 hours of HD programming.
  • Joey receivers can transform any room into a hub of entertainment and allows you to pause and unpause shows as you move throughout your home.
  • The DISH Anywhere app allows you to watch recorded and live shows anywhere there’s an Internet connection on your smart device, computer, mobile device, and tablet.

Combining DISH Network with The Hopper 3 elevates your experience and provides you with a DVR that lives up to the hype. 

3. Control Your Entertainment With Your Voice

The voice features are some of the greatest features for DISH Network because it takes your viewing pleasure and capabilities to new heights. You can use your Google Voice Remote which is powered by the Google Assistant to effortlessly locate your favorite programs and shift between the various entertainment apps available, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also ask your Google Voice Remote general questions as if you were using Google and can connect via the Internet your DISH Network account to your Google Accounts as well as other smart devices throughout your home such as Google Nest, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

4. Record Primetime TV

Waiting a week only to miss your favorite primetime shows can be a huge letdown. These days, primetime is different for everyone as we commute, run errands, bring kids to extracurricular activities…it can be difficult to be in front of the TV when that can’t-miss episode is ready to air. With PrimeTime Anytime, you can enjoy your favorite primetime shows when the timing is right for you! PrimeTime Anytime is a unique feature for DISH Network customers and allows you to record, pause, and even skip commercials for primetime television events as they air and access them whenever, wherever you are. Record as much as three hours from each major network and hold the content for up to eight days to enjoy at your leisure.

5. Bundle Your Television With High-Speed Internet

The way we connect to entertainment continues to evolve. As we can see, there are many features that DISH Network subscribers can use but require the Internet including accessing apps and the voice control features that can enhance your viewing experience. Bundling your TV and Internet enhances your entertainment package, saves you time and hassle, and with DISH Network’s two-year price lock guarantee, you can stabilize your bill and save month after month. 

6. Access All Your Favorite Streaming Apps

DISH has tons of content available for subscribers, but if that’s not enough, you can also access your favorite streaming apps with ease. You can search and watch or listen through a variety of top streaming content on apps such as:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Pandora
  • YouTube

You can even access the weather app for the latest information and weather updates while watching your favorite programs. DISH makes it easy to access all of the content you know and love even if it’s not a part of its channel packages.

7. TV Viewing Experience is Easy and Seamless

As if an industry-leading DVR service and convenient access to the top entertainment apps on the market wasn’t enough, DISH offers plenty of additional features to give you more while you enjoy your television programs:

  • DISH Anywhere is a portable DVR via app that can be taken anywhere to watch your programs everywhere with no strain on your data, WiFi, or storage
  • Add DISH Outdoors for HD satellite television perfect for the outdoors

Your options only expand when you go with DISH as your television provider. DISH Network is worth getting because its features are built around you and your needs. Whether you are at home, on a bus, at a tailgate, or anywhere else, DISH will be there to provide all the content you desire.

8. DISH TV Customers Get the Exclusive Hopper DVR System

Television services have come a long way since their humble beginnings and the ability to control how and when we watch television is a critical part of the experience. DISH understands that subscribers have varying lifestyles that are filled with various twists and turns. That is why it offers Hopper 3, a DVR service that brings value every step of the way:

  • Record primetime television with the ability to skip commercials.
  • Store up to 2,000 hours and record up to 16 shows at the same time.
  • View up to 4 HD shows at once through Multi-view.
  • Watch your DVR throughout the entire home and use parental controls where necessary.
  • Connect to your Hopper wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • The Remote Finder feature means more time surfing and less time searching.

More recording space than the competition, the control to watch your content your way, and easy connectivity. Hopper 3 is a device made to enhance your experience and increase your entertainment.

9. Bundle with Internet For an Easy and Low Monthly Bill

DISH helps subscribers bundle their Internet and television packages for one low price built to entertain your home without breaking your budget. With top brands including AT&T, Blazing Hog, CenturyLink, HughesNet, Viasat, and more, we can get you access to high-speed Internet that compliments the amazing channel packages DISH Network has to offer.

Save Money and Time with DISH Network

DISH Network is worth getting because it offers its customers high-quality service, industry-leading technology including the Hopper DVR system, Google Voice Remote, DISH Anywhere, and others and endless add-ons to further customize your TV viewing experience! Contact us and begin saving and enjoying more with DISH Network and a high-speed Internet bundle today.

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